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Hello dear friend’s ski instructors. The reason of writing this book was numerous observations of the work of ski instructors, and most importantly, what students learn after the lesson.

Unfortunately, I have to say that in most cases, if the student after the lesson, can go down the green slope in a straight run in the position of the wedge, it is the height of dreams! As you know, we are not talking about any turns! That's why I decided to write this article.

Why is this happening? It's simple enough. Students are coming to the lesson, often coming to the resort with people, who are already skiing, who entrust their friend to the instructor. Another option is that the husband or wife wants to put their other half on skis, and the third option is when there is a corporate event, that is, some employees want to put their colleagues on skis.

Leonid Feldman

Couple words about myself. My name is Leonid Feldman. I’m trainer-instructor of PSIA Professional Ski Instructors of America. Start skiing when I was a student in Moscow University and keep doing that, so more than forty five years passed by. Last season I got award certificate instructor of the year of Intermountain Division.

I live in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, which I really, really like. Utah - it is one of the best world's ski centers and I am infinitely happy that fated to get here.

For last ten years I am working at the Solitude ski resort, where I taught people from all over the world this exciting sport. Last year Solitude becomes the part of Alterra Mountain Company - community of 14 iconic year-round destinations, including the world's largest heli-ski operation.

The company owns and operates 14 resorts in North America and another 27 affiliated worldwide including Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Alterra create ICON PASS to reach unique global destinations and a winter of unforgettable experiences.

Instructors work brings me great satisfaction - to see how the rookie just risen on skis and listening to what the instructor says, gaining confidence in their abilities and realize that my skills and skills in demand - it's worth it.

A few years ago I wrought a book “From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of the ski instructor” which has already gained popularity. In addition, a video course was created how to create ski technique and a channel on YouTube which was visited by about a million people. The last two years I am also engaged in coaching. Such work carries a tremendous emotional charge and makes you younger in spirit.

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This is a detailed, step by step approach to learning. A student will develop technical skill and the foundation for high level alpine skiing. Returning to previously introduced fundamentals is a feature of Lenny’s method. You will find real success with ski students by following this excellent alpine ski manual.

The book is written in a simple and very clear language focusing on the basics. Instead of listing a zillion of exercises Leonid describes in details just a few core movements which help a student to progress their skiing at a rapid pace. I can highly recommend the book to a casual reader, who wants to improve their own skiing and help their friends and family. The book will be also useful to PSIA members, who will find the condensed focused explanation of the basics. Pavel Bosin Masters racer and former ski instructor.

This is a detail manual not just to become a good skier but the way to improve and become a good downhill ski instructor or coach. Leonid guiding readers step by step how to approach the high level of ski technique.He is paying special attention for ski instructors how to escape popular mistakes of their students and for coaches on what they have to concentrate attention for their racers. This is not just additional reading material how to become a downhill skier. In his book Leonid create a system that leading the reader how to become a cool ski instructor. The book made a great impression on me. This is the reason why I want to share my experience from perusal with everybody who wants to improve their skiing skills or become a excellent ski coach!

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