This information is for those
who want to breathe in the fresh mountain air,
rather than exhaust from the smoky cities,
For those who beckon mountain peaks,
rather than the TV with a beer on the couch.
For all those
who overcame their fears and doubts,
wants to learn how to ski
or improve your skiing skills...


A new book by
Leonid Feldman
American instructor of the highest level


It is hard to imagine a more vibrant, dynamic
and entertaining sport
than skiing.
It is not enough that can give you the same emotions and the same drive,
as the downhill from the picturesque hillside.


From wedge to edge or skiing
from the view of ski instructor

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Before you - a real encyclopedia!
The book, which will become the
desktop for any skier.

You have decided to try his hand at this sport,
but do not know from where to start?
Or maybe you've already done the first steps,
and now think about how to improve
your skills?
Firmly decided that you want to engage with instructor,
and now think how to chose is best one?


From wedge to edge or skiing
from the view of ski instructor

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This book - for everyone!


Written by a true professional, sincerely devoted to his cause, instructor-teacher of the highest category of American Ski Instructors Association (PSIA) Leonid Feldman, it will give full and comprehensive answers to any questions.
Author gave Alpine skiing for more than 40 years of his life, having accumulated during this time a great experience, which he gladly willing to share with you in this book.
These pages will find everything: the excursion into the history and formation skiing, and tips on choosing clothes and equipment, and a detailed description of the technique correct riding, and a detailed analysis of possible errors.

Leonid Feldman,
by himself a first class instructor,
will talk about
what should be guided,
choosing a trainer and teacher.


Here you will find tips on
what clothes are best to ride -
so that was it for you
as comfortable as possible.

Discussed in the text and basic questions concerning the ski equipment:
• how to correctly perform carved turn,
• what is the slalom technique,
• which exercises are best done for the development of an
independent footwork and achieve the best results on the slope of this and more is in the book by Leonid Feldman
"From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of the ski instructor".


It is useful not only for those who already skiing or yet only wants to learn to ski, but also instructors and coaches, as Leonid Feldman has not bypassed the attention and the effectiveness of teaching methods.

Based on a truly great experience in this matter, he shares with readers his views on this subject.

In any sport important motivation, the will to win, to overcome, including and myself.

The proper goal setting, systematic and consistent, step-by-step to achieve them - the key to success. In some of the chapters discussed in detail, including this issue.

And to understand what a worthwhile endeavor, here talked about and known worldwide athletes of skiing, a true legends, which are forever inscribed them in the history of downhill skiing.


Basil Dobrohotov

artificial intelligence specialist

It is no exaggeration to say that Leonid Feldman devoted his life to alpine skiing. I met him back in 1985, I received from him his first lessons in technique on the slopes of the Carpathian Mountains.
After moving to America, Leonid became a professional ski instructor and, together with Greg Gurshman, coach of the Canadian team in alpine skiing, founded a website dedicated ski technique Articles from this site become for me the main and very authoritative source of knowledge on the modern ski technique.
Leonid writes about the most advanced discoveries in understanding the ski techniques and methods of its perfection. His advice will be useful for skiers of any level.
In 2012 I went to Leonid to Utah back again- to see him and take lessons. He showed me a few "secret" exercise, which allowed me to better understand and feel the whole body of work at the time of turning. It was simply delicious!
I am confident that his new book should become required, for all who wish to improve their technique, and for ski instructors.

Sergey Kuznetsov

PhD, Head. lab. at the Institute of Oceanology

Leonid Feldman was met in his student days, was probably in 1974, engaged in canoe slalom. We became friends through a common love for alpine skiing.

All these years, Leonid constantly showed extraordinary interest in all aspects, one way or another connected with the training ski technique.

All lovers of downhill skiing recommend buying his book "From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor." The book is written in plain language and will be a wonderful textbook for any person who wants to learn skiing technique, know the history of skiing, as well as will help both trainers and professional coaches in alpine skiing for the most confusing aspects of the biomechanics and ski equipment.

Dmitry Shishkov

SNOWPRO Chairman of the Board

Leonid know for a long time, largely thanks to him, I was able to go to the US and learn in PSIA Academy to learn the experience of the American ski school. I know him as a qualified instructor, demonstrator of good and thoughtful analyst skiing, deeply interested in all the nuances of modern technology.

Sergey Preobrazhensky

Instructor level two Snowbird, Utah

It is difficult to imagine a person who is interested in skiing, able to remain indifferent after communicating with Leonid Feldman. Leonid is able to infect everyone with his enthusiasm, providing at the same time something new and important area of the ski tricks. Leonid stock of knowledge in this area simply discouraging. He is ready to talk for hours about the nuances of the art, and once with the sudden overflow enthusiasm, remembering some interesting event. The opportunity to draw from the storerooms of the ski Leonid Feldman knowledge completely invaluable to those who are not indifferent to the snow-covered mountain slopes.

Arsen Harutyunyan

- 3 time Olympian, US National Masters Champion (Slalom)

My name is Arsen Harutyunyan, I have known Leonid Feldman for more than 10 years. We met the first time in Park City, Utah. We had a lot of time to ski together and during our skiing, teaching, and clinics we had a lot of time to talk about alpine skiing. During our conversations I found something very special in Leonid. He thinks and breathes through this sport. I grew up skiing and thought that I was one of the most devoted in this sport, but when I met Leonid, and I understood that I had met someone who was as devoted as me. I read this book and I can tell you that it will help a lot of people, from beginners to intermediates to coaches and instructors.

Before you -
a truly unique work of the
professionals and fans of the business.

Magic key,
which opens the door in front of you a wonderful and
amazing skiing in the world.


Before we start talking about price, let me tell you a little parable
about the most successful and expensive artist Pablo Picasso...

Once in the local market to Pablo Picasso came a certain woman, who handed him a sheet of paper.
- Mr. Picasso, - she said excitedly, - I am your big fan. Could you draw something for me?
Picasso happily accepted and quickly captured in this piece of his artwork. With a smile he returned the woman to the paper and said:
- It will cost a million dollars.
- But, Mr. Picasso - exclaimed in amazement woman - you have spent some 30 seconds to paint this miniature masterpiece!
- A good woman, - grinned Picasso answer - I have spent 30 years to paint this masterpiece for 30 seconds.

The meaning is certainly clear!!!

The book offers you invested more than 20 years of hard work, continuous learning and improving skiing and teaching skills. Book "From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor" - is not just fun and entertaining reading. This textbook, which consistently presents all information from A to Z on how quickly and, most importantly, the right to learn to ski.

Therefore, as you know, it just may not be worth "3 penny"))) Nevertheless, the author would like to see my baby every self-respecting skier, and for this work the price should be more than accessible to anyone wishing to master this absolutely fabulous sport and recreation.

So boldly just
take a step towards a new life!


The format of the book

This version of the book - DIGITAL!

This means that after payment you will receive an e-mail address specified during the ordering process, which will contain a link to the download page of the book. You also need to understand that the digital version of the book means that no parcel with a book in the mail to you will not come! Book you will need to download to your computer after completing your order.

The book will be available in two formats: PDF and 3D (c page turning effect).

Pages: 248.


Special offer from the author


My name is Leonid Feldman, I Instructor-teacher of the highest category PSIA - American Association of Professional Ski Instructors. Skis started being on the student's desk and keep the case so far, that is, for over forty years.

I live in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah, which I really, really like it. Utah - it is one of the world's ski centers of tourism and I am infinitely happy that fated to get here.

I am currently working at the resort Solitude, where I taught people from all over the world this exciting sport. Instructors work brings me great satisfaction - to see how the rookie just risen on skis and listening to what the instructor says, gaining confidence in their abilities and realize that my skills and skills in demand - it's worth it.

Education mountain skiing - it is the process of creating and bringing to the automatism of complex motor skills, as well as their use in different weather conditions and snow conditions.

Preparing for exams, teaching their students, which to me every year comes around 700 people (of which approximately half is constantly returns), engaged in writing articles on the analysis of the ski technology for websites, I for many years created his structured , consistent system learning to ski, which works like a clock.

My students, especially Russian speaking , for a long time tried to persuade me to create a video technique that will help people find happiness, descended from the mountain on skis and I decided to try. Create a video course in English took me a long three years, but eventually all the difficulties have been overcome, the film started to be sold successfully in the US market, and a year ago, according to the insistent requests of friends, I translated it into Russian.

In the first part, for beginners, which is designed for people who never stood on skis, consistently demonstrate exercises that will lead you to a controlled stop of the rotations. Each exercise should be repeated several times until a constant feeling at a controlled speed and turning radius.

The second part contains a huge amount of exercise on the development of special ski skills. Practicing these exercises on the slope of at least 20-30 minutes a day, you cannot even imagine how you advance in your skill and what a thrill it will be on.

The third and fourth parts are composed of more complex exercises that hone motor skills and which can be practiced in more complex slopes. Please keep in mind that each new exercise is practiced on the slopes comfortable for you. If there is no problem, increase the speed. If at high speed all turns out, only then you can go to the steeper slopes.

I wrote the book "From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor" is absolutely unique in the number and especially the quality of the information contained therein. But this is just a tutorial. Wonderful, informative, but unfortunately, only a textbook. World practice of learning to ski says that everything that is said on the press sheet must be seen firsthand. Not in vain, and the people saying goes: "Better to see once than hear a hundred times."

That is why, after the publication of my new book " From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor," I offer you with the book purchase and training video course in which I show and tell all the exercises described in the book and to each of them are explained: what you should pay attention to where your hands should be about the operation of the legs, and so on. I believe that these two training courses, books + video tutorials will provide invaluable assistance to all people who want to learn and improve their skills on the snowy slopes of the descent.

Just today a set cost $ 44 ($ 17 + $ 27 book video course) you can buy a discount with only 25% of

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2. Guarantee transparency

I guarantee that you can always contact me for all occurring while reading a book or study video course on the following channels:
Phone: +1(440)289-4733
a Skype: lenny8356
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Your guide
to a beautiful and wonderful world of alpine skiing
and snow-covered slopes

= Leonid Feldman =