Ski Instructor

Ski Instructor


feldmanLeonid Feldman

Leonid Feldman, a PSIA Level III professional ski instructor, is the founder of Leonid have been skiing since the early 70s. Over the last 15 years, he has been teaching skiing in Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort and for last seven years till present in Solitude Mountain Resort. Passionate about sharing his teaching experience with skiers and professional instructors, He writes most of the articles in the INSTRUCTION section of this website. You can easy set up the lesson with Leonid by the phone 440-289-4733 or by e-mail

gurshmanGreg Gurshman

Greg spent over 18 years of his life coaching skiing. He coached racers all over the world, including Austria, US and Canada. His coaching experience covers it all, from junior racers, to working with the national teams, side by side with some of the best coaches in Europe and North America. He trained many outstanding racers who won medals at World Cup and World Championships. Perhaps more importantly, he also coached athletes who were perceived by others as the ones with no real potential in the sport, and at times was able to get them to produce some outstanding results. Greg wrote many articles in professional publications and most of the content in the COACHING section. He currently works on a book “Alpine Skiing Through the Eyes of a Coach”.

petrashStan Petrash

Stan Petrash has been skiing for over 20 years.Working as a freelance photojournalist, he contributes material to the PHOTO and FEATURES sections of this site. Most of the photographs and frame-by-frame sequences found on this website were taken by Stan.




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