Ski Instructor

Ski Instructor

From wedge to edge + Video course




I wrote the book “From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor” is absolutely unique in the number and especially the quality of the information contained therein. But this is just a tutorial. Wonderful, informative, but unfortunately, only a textbook. World practice of learning to ski says that everything that is said on the press sheet must be seen firsthand. Not in vain, and the people saying goes: “Better to see once than hear a hundred times.”

That is why, after the publication of my new book ” From wedge to edge or skiing from the view of ski instructor,” I offer you with the book purchase and training video course in which I show and tell all the exercises described in the book and to each of them are explained: what you should pay attention to where your hands should be about the operation of the legs, and so on. I believe that these two training courses, books + video tutorials will provide invaluable assistance to all people who want to learn and improve their skills on the snowy slopes of the descent.


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