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Modern ski technique. Athletic ski stance




Good afternoon, dear skiers! The reason for writing this article was repeated observations of skiing training, both for adults and children. I considered it my duty to contribute to this process.

Through many years of training in this absolutely amazing sport and recreation, I have come to the conclusion that the basis of the basics is an athletic ski stance. What do I mean by that?

Basic principles of athletic ski stance

Athletic ski stance – legs are parallel to each other, slightly bent at the ankles and knees. The distance between the feet is 15-20 cm. The arms are slightly bent at the elbows, extended forward and to the sides. The distance between the palms is approximately 50 cm. The angle forward of the body and the angle forward of the ankles must match!

The proposed book, for your convenience, is provided in the RAR archive in six formats (.exe, .app, .docx, .pdf, .epub (version 3) and .fb2), choose the convenient one and have amazing success in mastering ski technique!


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